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When the game drags on, power-ups also start to appear, potential bonuses includes homing missiles and aiming enhancements.


In the game, the environment, spawn locations, and power ups are usually randomized. Once a new round starts, everything mentioned are randomized. I find it fair to all players since it prevents other players from memorizing maps, decoding patterns and getting an advantage over new players but sometimes the game isn’t fair because it has you facing a wall or you are far away from other players. There is usually nothing we can do at this point except hoping for a better spawn point for the next spawn.

In single-player mode, you will face an unstoppable war veteran who is very difficult to beat and that war veteran also looks like a canine commander. The AI is swift, efficient and unforgiving. Based on the games I have played, made it looked like I was never going to win but as the rounds progress, I managed to defeat my opponent. The challenge of the single player mode promotes a good practice towards the game and it also helps in being able to face against your friends.


The multiplayer mode is a bit different since there are two player and three player modes. Both modes allow the gamers to share a keyboard to control their tanks. The third player is a bit unfair since that player has the advantage to use the mouse and has a crosshair that is available all the time. When dealing with unevenly matched friends, make sure you let the novice use the mouse control since they can learn how to use the mouse to control the tank and to know what they can do. Otherwise, you and the new player would be at a huge disadvantage. The multiplayer mode is sadly only available to one computer, but don’t worry the developers are planning on making an online multiplayer mode. If all goes well for their multiplayer online mode, it would become huge for gamers around the world.


Single player game mode alone is what makes it a top-notch game. The game play is self-explanatory and with bonus weapons are also fun, the action never stops and if you choose to engage the AI in the game, you would be progressing through tough and difficult battles. Of course, playing against friends is also fun instead of always playing against an AI. You get into the action early and start battling in Tank Trouble before it becomes worldwide.


Invite your friends to play with you and even they become clueless to what you say, the game itself is straight forward. The maps are like a maze-style type and you basically get your tanks closer to opposing tank and try to defeat them. Tank trouble is fun and helps you with reactions or placements because you don’t want to get hit by the opposing tank, but it is much more fun when you play with your friends.